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14 Apr 2015


So, I've decided to move to tumblr purely for the fact that it would be a lot easier to keep in touch and update.  Have to say, I've learnt a lot of things as a trainee teacher and (if someone thinks I'm capable enough to actually be responsible for my own classroom) future class teacher.  But the one thing I've learnt, probably the most important lesson...

I have said goodbye to my free time and said hello the next 100 years of 20% teaching and 80% paperwork.

Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely LOVED my course.  I love teaching.  It's the best thing ever and doing this course to get qualified has been the best decision I have ever made.  And weirdly enough, I love planning.  I'm just saying the reality of what I'm doing.  It's a lot of work.  My day involves teaching the children and then spending my lunch hour and time at home, writing up observations, evaluating my teaching and the children's learning, changing any lessons plans if necessary, reflecting, assessing children so far... the list goes on and on.

As a sacrifice it has meant I've been unable to keep the dust and cobwebs of this tiny little nook but I've been playing around with tumblr and getting to know it... and I like it.  I can still look like I'm alive simply by reblogging something.  It means all I have to do is review on goodreads and link without having to do another blog post where I'm just repeating myself.  It seems like it would save a lot of time that I have to put towards my teaching career.

So... in the future, you'll see me geeking out here:

I'm going to keep this blog up here because I'm not going to transfer everything I've posted to tumblr.  Nor do I want to delete everything because it's been almost four amazing years of meeting amazing writers and I don't want to toss that away.  But if you have tumblr, feel free to add me and I'll see you at the dark side!

28 Jan 2015

What's Up Wednesday

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly feature created by Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk. Perfect for readers and writers who want to share what they've been up to on a weekly basis and right now the place to share your goals.

Finished The Woman in Black: Angel of Death a week or so ago.  Overall, I quite liked it and thought
the film was also quite good as well.  Definitely a lot of tense, jumpy moments and the scenes I thought would transfer well from page to screen met my expectations.  The writing was probably not as great as Susan Hill herself but it was a decent sequel.  Now I've moved onto another paranormal called The Ghost Hunters by Neil Spring.

Did a little bit more writing on a chapter for supernatural university WiP.  Not a lot but I managed to have a little bit of time to add more.  Again, no writing goals because I can only write when I can. 

Not making any goals when it comes to reading and writing.  When there's teaching and uni work to fit in, making writing and reading another set of goals that have to be done I'm just going to stress myself out.  Fitting it whenever I can takes away some pressure away.

I've been teaching year two for two weeks now.  I had one of my mentor observations today for maths and last week my link tutor from the uni came to do an observation for literacy last week.  The link tutor observation is by far the scariest every time but both lessons went well and I got graded a 2 last week and this week.  Observation grades sort of follow Ofsted grades.  So I'm a 'good'! Yay! The school still isn't on my list of favourite schools to work in but at least the teaching is going well and I'm passing so far. :)

7 Jan 2015

What's Up Wednesday

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly feature created by Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk. Perfect for readers and writers who want to share what they've been up to on a weekly basis and right now the place to share your goals.


Over Christmas I read the sequel to The Woman in Black called Angel of Death.  Overall I quite liked it and I'm more eager to see the film now.  There were quite a few parts that I can see being jumpy on screen so looking forward to seeing that.  It doesn't beat the original book of course and it's a shame it wasn't written by the same authour but this one did a good job of sticking to the ghostly creepy.  At times it did fall a bit flat on really setting that spooky atmosphere but still an enjoyable read and I got quite hooked into it.  Full review to follow.

I haven't chosen a new book yet to read so looking forward to doing that this weekend.  I always find that the most exciting part! ^^


I'm quite pleased with myself because over the holidays I took some time to write.  I decided to keep going with the NA supernatural university WiP but doing it long hand.  I won't make any writing goals though because I honestly don't know if I'd have any time to keep going this week when I have quite a few assessments to complete.


Long hand seems to working.  Sometimes a word document on the computer screen can be daunting and I definitely find it easier to sit down with a notebook and write.


Honestly, not a lot.  It's been back to placement this week and starting to get prepared to start teaching.  Have to admit, not enjoying this school, the children, or the staff but hey ho.

17 Dec 2014

What's Up Wednesday

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly feature created by Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk. Perfect for readers and writers who want to share what they've been up to on a weekly basis and right now the place to share your goals.


I've been re-reading some late childhood/early adolescent favourites.  When I was eleven I discovered Spooksville by Christopher Pike.  I had a few books but I gave them up after thinking I was much too old for them.  But then I saw that they had made a TV series loosely based on the books.  While it takes out two of the main characters, my favourites too, and creates new stories for the characters it rekindled how much I loved the series.  The books are quite cheap online so I bought some for my kindle and some paperback.  They're very short so I've been getting through them quite quickly.  Definitely remembering why it was one of my favourite series.  It sparked so much inspiration for writing when I was younger.

I also finished reading The Neverending Story on Monday after trekking through. Overall I enjoyed it and I loved the concept.  Got me just as hooked as the film did.  That being said I can see why the film only took aspects of the first part of the book.  It really does feel like two plots in one.  Full review to come.WHAT I'M WRITING (+ ONE WRITING GOAL)

Fiction-wise, nothing.  Although with it being Christmas I'm hoping I can use the holidays to get a lot of work and planning done and maybe, hopefully, squeeze in a bit of writing.  Reading Spooksville has sparked inspiration for the NA WiP I started working on this year.  The characters were all taken from an old series I used to write in the style of Spooksville.  I'm not planning on getting it finished, just to work on it a bit more.  Even if I only have time to write one more chapter.  I think that can be my writing goal.  Write a new chapter.

When I've got lectures, I've taken to getting in quite early.  I try to get there for about seven and do some work because it's nice and quiet for a couple of hours in the campus library.  I went there to do one essay after spending the whole weekend trudging through it and not getting many words done.  In the two hours I was in the library I finished the whole thing.  So, I'm gonna try it one time for my WiP.  See how productive it makes me then.  I get way too distracted at home.  I really need to start considering going to Costa or the library when I have a home day just for writing sessions. 

I finish semester one tomorrow! *Throws confetti around* Can't believe we're nearly halfway done with the course already. Think everyone is in need of a rest.  The girls on my course, and myself, are currently a plagued bunch.  Good news is our afternoon lectures have been cancelled tomorrow so we get to finish at 1 O'clock and hopefully we'll all be well enough to have our course meal together at Nandos.  

And my tattoo is all healed up. =D  I haven't got a current picture of it but I've got one from when it was freshly done.  I ended up with a much bigger one than I had intended to go for and got it on my left upper back.  I've already got another in mind but I'm not rushing into it.  If I still like this other idea in a year's time I'll get it done. 

Now I'm going to look forward to Christmas because it's my favourite time of the year.  The flat is decorated, I've wrapped a couple of presents already because the tree just doesn't feel complete without presents underneath and the Christmas baking has started.  

So... what's up, doc? :)

13 Dec 2014

So, What Did You Bring Me 2014?
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2014 has been a rollercoaster of a year.  It's started out with me being very productive in the writing sense until September came and that sometimes annoying thing called Real Life took absolute control of my time management.

I've ended up being completely absent in the blogosphere and while I'm studying I have no idea if I'm going to be around a lot until my course ends.  But I at least need to wrap up 2014 because it's been the most insane year I've ever experienced.

So... what has happened this year? A mix of good and bad really.  On the good side...
  • I was finally accepted onto a teacher training course.
  • I passed exams to start said teacher training course.
  • I got in touch again with old friends.
  • I met up with the best group of friends I've ever known.  Seriously, can't believe we've all known each other now for thirteen years.
  • I passed my driving test and got a car.
  • Got my first tattoo.
  • I got to experience beta reading and received some incredibly helpful feedback.
  • I passed my first teaching placement, getting 'good' overall with some outstanding aspects. 
On the bad side...
  • I didn't really read much this year because there was always something I had to give priority to. 
  • I had to stop writing once my course started.  So desperate to work on something.
  • My grandma passed away last month.  An experience I can only describe as upsetting and weird.
  • For my second teaching placement I've been given in a horrible school with poor behaviour management and a rude teacher.  So I've got to grin and bear it until mid-February.
Luckily more good than bad and I am seriously ready for the holidays just to sleep and rest.  Even though I've got a few assignments over the holidays and planning to do.  2015 will continue to be incredibly busy but I'm hoping I can deal with my time management better.  At least my bus journeys to uni are giving me a bit of reading time. And even if I can't blog as much, I should at least make sure I stay in touch with writing/blogging friends and comment on their blogs.

Hope everyone else's 2014 has been less chaotic! Let me know what 2014 has brought for you! Feel free to leave a link to your end-of-year posts! :)

31 Oct 2014

It's Halloween!

A very short, probably pointless post but I guess I should make it look like I haven't upped and abandoned this blog.  But saying that, I best point out that for the next nine months or so my posts are going to be incredibly sporadic.  I'm still writing and reading... ish... but I won't have a lot of updates on them.  Things are moving incredibly slowly at the moment while I take on the insane amount of work a PGCE requires you to do and there is so much to do.  Which bums me out a little because I have had to really put aside writing and reading and that's the whole point of this blog.  So bear with me... I will try and squeeze in random posts.

But anyhoo... it's Halloween! Wahey! One of my favourite nights of the year and while I'm too ill to properly celebrate... it doesn't mean I can't still fill the flat with spooky music. 

If you're writing horror or just want a spooky atmosphere... get these on your playlist. :)

24 Sep 2014

What's Up Wednesday

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly feature created by Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk. Perfect for readers and writers who want to share what they've been up to on a weekly basis and right now the place to share your goals.

1) What I'm Reading
Getting further into The Neverending Story. I can see why the film ended up changing the story a bit.  It does feel like I've jumped straight into a sequel, with the story going in a new direction now.  But I am really enjoying reading it.

2) What I'm Writing
I'm imagining writing, if that counts. Seriously, no time. People were not kidding when they warned us that a PGCE is the most time-consuming experience you will ever have. Although let's see how I feel in a year's time when I'm, hopefully, in my NQT year.

3) What works for me
I'm glad I spent most of this year doing a lot of writing because now that summer is over and my course has started I've had no time. About the time I started, I was needing a writing break anyway so looking back, I'm glad I worked on things when I had the chance.

4) What else have I been up to?
I volunteered as a zombie for 2.8 Hours Later last Saturday and it was a fantatic experience. It was so much fun getting into the spirit of the game, snarling and screaming at the players. And the reactions were great! A group of lads in superhero costumes were our first group and it was hilarious to see the looks on their faces when I suddenly stopped shuffling around and sprinted right at them. I think that was definitely my favourite part. Watching people suddenly make a mad dash for it when I started to chase them.  Haven't come across any youtube videos yet but someone's posted one on facebook that I'm in which I wish I could share.  I'll have to keep a look out on youtube!